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Remodeling Contractors for Your Next Bathroom Remodeling Near Me in Evanston, IL Project

Thank you for visiting New Look Home Remodeling in Evanston. We are experienced and professional home remodeling contractors and we’re ready to handle your renovation project.

We are skilled at bringing the best out of your home. As the heart of your home, the kitchen speaks volumes about your style and way of life, which is a great starting point for any renovation with a kitchen remodeling near Evanston.

Maybe you’re thinking of a smaller project but still significant, like a bathroom remodeling. We can remake your bathroom into that serene atmosphere you always thought about.

Our team of expert contractors will work with you to bring your vision to reality. If you are thinking of a new style for your kitchen, a modern look for your bathroom, or a complete home remodeling, we can help.

Contact New Look Home Remodeling about creating an exciting new look for your home in Evanston.

Our Evanston Home Remodeling Services

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Kitchen Remodeling
Near Evanston, IL

Your kitchen says a lot about your home. That’s why a kitchen remodeling near Evanston can change the entire feel of your living space. A stunning kitchen remodeling can revitalize everything to do with your home. Our professional contractors can handle any remodeling style you want to see in your new kitchen.

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Bathroom Remodeling
Near Evanston, IL

With just a few changes to your bathroom we can create a space that you can be proud of. Or, we can overhaul your entire bathroom and give you something fresh and new that will blow you away. What do you want out of your bathroom, a place of calm serenity, functionality, or modern appeal? The possibilities are almost endless.

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Basement Remodeling
Near Evanston, IL

So many basements are either unfinished or not finished well. We can fix that. As experts in basement remodeling, we can make use of every inch of floor space to create a functional and liveable basement that suits your needs. From a games room, to a basement apartment, let us know what you want to see and we can fulfill it.
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Home Remodeling
Near Evanston, IL

For a larger scale project, we are able to do a full home remodeling that will upgrade and update everything in the home. Why stop at kitchens and bathrooms when your entire home can undergo a huge transformation to give you the home of your dreams? We’re ready to take on your home remodeling project.

Why Choose New Look Home Remodeling
Contractors Evanston

Professional and Experienced

After years of providing home remodeling services to so many people, we understand what it takes to do it right. You are in good hands with New Look Home Remodeling.

Only the Highest Quality

Our great work would not be what it is without the highest quality materials. We only use the best for our projects and that’s why we are so confident about our work.

Priced Right

Home remodeling doesn’t have to be costly. We work within your budget to give you the high-end workmanship and quality material you expect at a reasonable cost.

On Schedule

We know you don’t have any desire to have a construction crew in your home any longer than necessary. We get the job done on time so you can enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Gallery of Bathroom & Kitchen
Remodeling Projects in Evanston



Every home remodeling at Evanston starts with a detailed conversation to determine what you need and what you want in your new space.


We can have an idea exchange when you share your thoughts and our remodeling contractors Evanston add their input to give you a full range of options you can choose from.


Our experienced professionals will develop the appropriate designs based on all our exchanges so your home remodeling in Evanston turns out exactly as you imagined.


Our incredible home remodeling contractors Evanston will take the plans discussed and complete your home remodeling project right down to the smallest detail. All that’s left to do is enjoy your new space.

Our Home Remodeling Evanston Company Advantages


When it comes to your home remodeling in Evanston, we understand that you want it handled properly. You can trust our skilled remodeling contractors to get the job done right the first time. We will measure accurately before we build or install to make sure everything will fit right and function as it should.

Friendly Customer Service

With our remodeling contractors Evanston, you can make sure that you will be greeted with a smile. We will create more than just a new space that you want for your kitchen remodeling near Evanston, basement remodeling, or bathroom remodeling. It’s also about hearing your needs and achieving them with a cheerful and friendly work ethic.


Whether you need an entire home remodeling service in Evanston, our team of professional remodeling contractors works according to your schedule. We are versatile in our work and flexible in our efforts to complete the work when you need it.

Premium Quality Materials

To provide the best home remodeling service possible for your home in Evanston, we use only premium-quality materials that meet your standards and match the rest of your home interiors. By using strong materials, we can ensure the longevity of the project, whether we’re working on a kitchen remodeling near Evanston, basement remodeling, or bathroom remodeling around Evanston.

Swift Project Completion

We have the best roster of remodeling contractors from Evanston that can provide the quality you want and complete the project on time. No work is too tough for our remodeling specialists. Whether you want a luxurious bathroom remodeling or a quick and easy basement remodeling, we can get the job done within your preferred time frame.

Affordable Remodeling Services

Many companies believe that quality means expensive. At our company, we believe otherwise. We aim for high-quality remodeling work while keeping our services affordable for the convenience of our clients. We want you to experience the best without breaking the bank, and we apply this philosophy in every project we take. With our home remodeling expertise in Evanston, we can achieve this for our various clients.

Testimonials of New Look Home Remodel

I once found out the hard way that to get the bathroom remodeling in Evanston that you want, you have to go with experience. I want to thank NewLook for lending their experience to my bathroom, making it so much better than I could have hoped for. They are real champions.

Nikolas Schmeler

The contractors at NewLook were excellent in formulating a plan, helping me with choosing finishes that worked right in the space and taking care of every detail of my kitchen remodeling in Evanston. I am thrilled with what they were able to do in such a short time.

Gabrielle Muller

When we got NewLook in for our home remodeling in Evanston, we didn’t know what to expect. But they gave us a clear plan, assured us all along the way, and earned our trust with the spectacular work they did on our main floor. NewLook is highly recommended.

Braxton Lehner


New Look Home Remodeling creates optimal living spaces, allowing property owners to actually customize their homes based on their own personal tastes and preferences.  As most homes contain multiple bathrooms, they are a good place to start when converting a house into a specialized, personal home.  Aside from customization, bathroom remodeling also provides the bonus of increasing the value of your home in Evanston. 


There are several different ways in which home remodeling (bathroom) can immediately add value to a home. A bathroom equipped with attractive decorations, updated fixtures, and new appliances will increase a home’s market price.  In the need to sell a home, it will be significantly easier with completed bathroom remodeling near Evanston. Aside from value, a remodeled bathroom improves functionality for homeowners, improving daily life.


It is not uncommon to see unsafe bathrooms, especially in older homes. For example, in a shower without an anti-stick floor, people who may be vulnerable to slips and falls could suffer a major injury. Some bathrooms utilize older electrical sockets that, if exposed to water, can potentially leave homeowners vulnerable to electrocution. It is simple to improve the safety of a bathroom as well as comply with local building codes by way of a simple upgrade of these components as part of a home remodel near Evanston.


Homeowners can save money on their monthly utility bills thanks to the variety of modern appliances available today with advanced features. The use of many modern appliances allows homeowners to drastically reduce expensive water consumption.  Another way to save money in your home remodel is the installation of LED light bulbs.  Our professional remodeling contractors near Evanston will assist homeowners in choosing the appropriate energy-saving appliances. 


As with all remodeling projects, the time involved for your New Look bathroom remodeling Evanston project will depend on factors such as room size, the materials you choose to use, whether you have special requests or unusual designs. Once we know the answers to these and other questions your New Look remodeling contractor Evanston can give you a timeline for your project.

First, any home remodeling project that requires a structural change or floor plan change will require a permit from the city of Evanston. Our New Look remodeling contractor Evanston will meet with you, look at your plans and then be able to tell you about potential permitting. BUT, you do not need to worry as New Look remodeling contractors Evanston will handle all this for you..

You absolutely will be updated daily on the way your project is progressing. Your New Look remodeling contractors Evanston are on the job to serve you, answer your questions, keep you up to date on the timeline and budget aspects. The New Look team works hard to make sure you are happy with the result.

How To Prepare For A Home Remodeling?

Any bathroom remodeling near Evanston or home remodeling that you begin in Evanston can be turbulence. This as almost any renovation process may incur unexpected circumstances and unlucky surprises which may lead to increased costs and setbacks, but there are some ways to minimize issues. Having a budget set is a priority aspect before hiring home remodeling contractors Evanston. So first determine the amount you want to spend and set a list of main priorities so you will have clarity on money. Research the materials that you will be using for the project. Speak with remodeling contractors near Evanston to learn as much as possible and to know your options. The last recommendation suggested by NewLook Home Remodeling is to see what you can do by yourself beforehand, before bringing bathroom remodeling contractors or general contractors, as this will help you save money and time for your project.

What To Consider Before Home Remodeling

Length of Stay

The first thing you have to consider before hiring remodeling contractors is your length of stay in your home. If you are staying for longer durations then it is ideal to call trusted home remodeling contractors near Evanston. You can customize it more to your liking and achieve next-level comfort beneficial to your family. But if planning to sell the house in two to three years, you can opt for a simple remodeling that is more pocket-friendly.

Budget For Remodeling

One factor each homeowner should consider especially in home remodeling is the budget. Your financial situation will be a major determinant of how much you can spend. Ensure to have a consultation with your remodeling contractor Evanston and be transparent with all the possible costs so that you can work around the budget best. Be prepared also and add at least a 10 to 20 percent contingency fund for unexpected situations during the construction.

Best Time for Home Remodeling

You will need time for home remodeling, hence the best time to do such is when you and your chosen remodeling contractor in Evanston have set a routine, purchased all necessary materials, finalized the budget and estimated how long it will take. It is always better to work with professionals in New Look Home remodeling near Evanston to get an output you will certainly be satisfied with.

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