The Best Home Renovation And Remodeling Ideas

Are You Seeking Renovation Ideas For Your Home?

In this article, we will focus on this issue and offer specific home remodeling advice and solutions that will help you make the most of your available space. This will enable you to choose wisely among the countless design possibilities that are now accessible.

Bring Down The Living Room

Making sunken zones for the couches in living rooms is a current home remodeling trend. The living area appears considerably larger than it actually is and tends to feel cozier.

Utilize The Space Behind The Stairs

Don’t make the mistake of leaving the sizable area beneath the staircase unutilized if you’re remodeling a home with a staircase. Create a cozy nook by adding some shelves to showcase your bookcases, music collection, or fancy wine rack for lovers of excellent wines. You may even build your wonderful hidden reading nook in a little room.

Upgrade or Include a Kitchen Island

You get more counter space, storage space, and seating alternatives with a kitchen island. One of the best ways to improve your kitchen’s decor is to make it into a minibar. This way, you can display the glasses of alcohol you enjoy and keep your food storage hidden from sight. With additional shelves for storing wine and other drinks, it’s perfect for parties or your daily needs! To ensure complete operation, be sure to install more electrical outlets on the island during kitchen remodeling.

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Basement Remodeling Ideas

Basement remodeling projects are good for those looking to liven up their homes, create more space, or add functionality features. Home remodeling have become popular during the last several years and basement remodeling contractors are getting even more creative with their solutions. 

We help our customers increase their home’s value and bring joy to their lives by completing beautiful basement transformations. 

Guest Bedroom

Having the option for a separate guest bedroom is perfect for hosting visitors in your home and making them feel welcome. Guests such as parents, in-laws, or other family members who visit during festive occasions can feel comfortable in their own private suites. This decreases the likelihood of having unpleasant encounters due to people feeling cramped or uncared for.


Basement remodeling is a great opportunity to give free rein to your imagination and convert your space into a fitness zone filled with sports and recreational equipment. You and your family can enjoy a fitness lifestyle without attending overcrowded gyms or having to venture out in bad weather. 

Wine Cellar or Bar

A bar area or a wine cellar is an excellent use of your home’s basement space. Climate controls features can also be built into stand-alone wine cellars so the wine can be perfectly aged. Your wine collection can be on full display for party guests or simply while relaxing and having a drink after a hard day’s work. 

Entertainment Space

Basements are often transformed into playrooms for both children and adults alike with the addition of high-tech game rooms and home theaters great for play dates. You can turn your basement into the perfect entertainment space where you will enjoy magical moments and countless hours of quality time with friends and family.

Is It Possible To Stay In Your House During A House Remodel?

Whether or not you can stay in your home during a renovation, depends upon the contractors and the renovation in question. Unless it is a whole house renovation or construction that could have safety hazards, the majority of the time, yes you can. At NewLook House Remodeling, as remodeling specialists, we evaluate each case at a time. You want to make sure that your home will be as safe and trouble-free as possible. We recommend that before you start your project, interview your prospective contractors about what will happen if you are in the house and what any possible problems they think may arise. If the contractor doesn’t give you a feeling of professionalism, confidence and truthfulness, then don’t hire them.

The professional contractors that you hire, need to treat your home with respect as do the other subcontractors and tradesmen. There should be no reason for any safety issues whilst you’re in the house, if the contractors are professional, skilled and experienced. Anyone stepping foot in your home needs to be respectful, professional and trustworthy.

How Long Does it Typically Kitchen Remodel Take?

Kitchen remodeling is often a high priority for home projects. A kitchen remodel is a fantastic way to make your home a more enjoyable place; giving you a stylish and functional space for cooking meals for your family or hosting a gathering. Creating a custom kitchen provides a great way to make these events even better.

Unfortunately, there are many barriers to getting through prior to beginning your dream kitchen remodeling project. Finding the time to actually perform a kitchen remodel is typically the largest hurdle. A kitchen remodel can be a lengthy process that can restrict access to important areas of your home.

If you are considering starting a kitchen remodel, you will want to understand precisely how long the project will take. That way, you can plan around the inconvenience of your kitchen not being regularly available. Each kitchen remodel is different, and the time to complete will vary depending on the project scope. Typically, a kitchen remodel will take approximately three to six months; though bigger and more complex projects can take a year or longer. The kitchen remodeling contractors at New Look Home Remodeling can help you by providing an estimate for your project’s timeframe. By discussing your dream kitchen transformation with a professional, you can begin to plan your project with a reasonable estimate of time to completion.

Essential Tips for Kitchen Remodeling Project

Kitchen remodeling can be fun and exciting. Anxiously waiting for your dream kitchen keeps you focused on getting it done. However, in order to keep the kitchen remodeling dream from becoming drudgery, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Kitchen Remodeling Takes Time

Dream kitchens don’t happen overnight. It is very important that you prepare adequately for being without a functioning kitchen for about 10-12 weeks. But the finished kitchen remodeling project done right by professional kitchen remodeling contractors will be worth the wait and inconvenience! In the meantime, you might want to set up a space for a temporary, makeshift kitchen to avoid eating so many meals out and keep your daily home life as normal as possible.

Provide Proper Space

When designing your new kitchen be sure you provide enough space for your kitchen to be the social gathering place you want it to be. The days of kitchens used almost exclusively for cooking have passed. The remodeling contractors of New Look Home Remodel can help you design this most important space in your home.

Prepare the Space for Kitchen Remodeling

Things will always get dusty and dirty during construction. Protect the rest of your home from the mess that construction creates during your dream kitchen remodeling. Do it by covering your floors, furniture, and fixtures and bagging your curtains and drapes before kitchen remodeling contractors start to work.

You´ll likely only do kitchen remodeling once in your home so go the extra mile to have the kitchen YOU want. The remodeling contractors and designers from New Look Home Remodel will help you create the kitchen of your dreams!

Call the remodeling contractors of New Look Home Remodel to start your dream kitchen remodeling project today!

Kitchen Remodeling – What Is an Open Concept Kitchen?

An open-concept kitchen opens up all kinds of possibilities for your home. They are beginning to not only be popular but a must-have in new and renovated homes. Making for more light, a bigger feel, and an easier time getting around, open-concept kitchens are the ideal layout for your kitchen remodeling project. 

So What Is an Open-Concept Kitchen?

The term open-concept simply means that there are no walls separating the kitchen from the dining room, the living room, and possibly the entrance or your home, depending a bit on the layout. 

Benefits of an Open-Concept Kitchen

There are many benefits to an open-concept kitchen but how much bigger your home will seem is a major one. Removing walls helps to take full advantage of your home’s square footage and also gives it a bigger and brighter feel – especially since it lets in much more natural light.

Kitchen Remodeling – The Trend of an Open-Concept Design

What people also love about open-concept kitchens is that it makes the home a better gathering place. Whether you have guests over or are at home with the family, the open concept allows people to be more easily connected, hear and see each other from the kitchen and the living room, and prep food or tidy up without being excluded from the space. Our remodeling contractors have a passion for bringing people together through our home remodeling services. 

Home Remodeling – Increase Value of Your Property

Since the open-concept kitchen is so desirable, it can also increase the value of your home! We get you high returns on your investments by working with kitchen remodeling contractors homeowners can rely on for a quality renovation. 

Let NewLook Home Remodel and our skilled remodeling contractors bring your open-concept kitchen dreams to life!

The Benefits of Using NewLook Remodeling Company

There is nothing bigger than the do-it-yourself market right now, but let’s face it, most people don’t have the time, energy, or knowledge to do a good job on their home remodeling. That’s why you need NewLook Remodeling Company.

Whether it’s a kitchen remodeling, a bathroom remodeling, or you need basement remodeling contractors NewLook can handle it. And when you count on NewLook Remodeling Company, you reap all the benefits. Here’s how.

Total Convenience Handled Efficiently

You can rely on our remodeling contractors to ensure that your project gets all the necessary material, tools, equipment, labor, and services required for a complete job. You don’t have to do anything but let the professionals get to work. And where a specialist is needed, like a plumber or an electrician, it’s all covered under one umbrella.

Save Money

While doing your own home remodeling yourself can save on labor, you will still pay more for the materials and tools. Plus, if you make a mistake, it can cost you a bundle of money to fix it and take care of any damage done.

Professional Project Management

Sometimes decisions need to be made quickly to keep the project going. NewLook remodeling contractors understand what to do, how to do it, and when, ensuring that everything is done the right way through experience and knowledge of construction.


If something goes wrong long after you’re done with your DIY kitchen remodeling, there is nobody to turn to. But professional remodeling contractors often provide a warranty for their work, so they are just a phone call away to fix the problem.

Quality in the Work

From kitchen experts to basement remodeling contractors, and everything in between, NewLook Remodeling Company offers the highest standard of workmanship in the industry. It’s a standard that is difficult to achieve on a DIY project.

Make your home remodeling be the best it can be and enjoy the benefits of having the professionals at NewLook Remodeling Company take care of it for you.

Steps to planning whole house remodel

Are you planning to have a home remodeling done? It can be challenging to know where to start and how to start the project. Our home remodeling contractors is here to make sure that you understand how and where to start. We will provide you with the different steps to get the perfect home remodel you need.

First, you have to start planning what you need and want for your bathroom, basement, or kitchen remodeling. This will help you plan your budget properly to make sure that you have enough money to pay for the project. Different costs can factor in the home remodeling process, so it is best to list all your must-have and want to have items for your home. Doing some quick research to determine the cost is important, and tally it all up to get a better idea on how much it will cost.

Second, you have to decide which home remodeling contractors to choose. Looking at the reviews is important, as well as word of mouth. Research what services they offer and look around for different estimates so that you can plan your budget properly. This way, you can avoid any surprises that may come along the way, and you would know what to expect during the entire project.

The third is demolition. When everything is all planned out, there is some part of your home that will have some disposing section that will eventually be replaced by later projects. Once that’s done, the electrical, HVAC, and plumbing come in. This involves work done beneath walls and floors, such as installing ductwork for central heating and air conditioning, installing new electrical and plumbing systems, etc.

When demolition is done, our remodeling contractors are here to do the painting, install windows, cabinets, clean air vents, and finish floorings. Our home remodeling contractors are here to ensure that you will get the dream home that you have always wanted. We will make sure your experience will be as smooth as possible from start to finish. Give us a call today!

Questions you should ask your potential remodeling contractor

Ignorance is never bliss, and while the meek might inherit the earth, they will also get taken for a ride if they don’t properly vet a contractor being hired to do a job with plenty of floating expense options. When hiring a contractor, being bold and assertive is the only way to control the narrative, and maintain your working budget.

Part of controlling the conversation is knowing what to ask and being willing to push away from the table if you don’t get the answers you want. There are tons of contractors, and while some are shady and will do subpar work for way too much money, there are quite a few that are top-notch and take the craft seriously.

What you need to know

When hiring a home remodeling contractor in Park Ridge, here are a few questions you absolutely must ask, and get the answers you are looking for, before signing the contract:


  • How long have they been in business? Duration can mean a wealth of experience and a solid collection of skills. Check them out, make sure they are truthful, and don’t take anything at face value. Trust is earned.
  • Are you licensed and insured? A contractor who is licensed is much more likely to get the work done than one who isn’t. A customer complaint to the licensing board and their license can be suspended or revoked. And, insurance protects everyone. Accidents happen. Better to be covered.
  • Do you handle permitting and inspections? In many states, this is important. Permitting lets the local government know you have work being done, and inspections make sure it is done to code. 
  • What is the timeline and payment schedule? Always know how long, and how much. This will help you plan ahead. 

Do you use the same people all the time? There is a rhythm to a dedicated cohesive crew. A short hand has been established, everyone knows what their job is, and there is little need to keep anyone on point who is straying from the goal.

How Much Does it Cost to Remodel a Kitchen

Home renovations can be costly, especially when it comes to kitchen remodeling. Depending on the finishes and how many special features you want to include in your new kitchen, the cost can increase quite fast.
Here is a look at what you can expect in terms of price from a kitchen remodeling in your home.

The Average Cost of a Kitchen Remodel

While the cost of a kitchen remodeling relies heavily on the size of the kitchen, the types of finishes chosen, and the labor costs, which can vary widely, you can expect to pay on average approximately $23,000. That works out to about $150 per square foot.
Of course, there are those who will pay much less or much more, as kitchens differ and personal tastes vary.

What to Expect for Your Kitchen Remodeling Expense

For a smaller kitchen on a lower renovation budget, you may pay $10,000 to $15,000. At that rate, you can expect to have the walls painted, the cabinets refaced and a new backsplash installed.
On the higher end, for about $30,000 or more, you may receive custom cabinetry, along with select flooring and granite countertops. Depending on the size of the kitchen, at that price point, you may also include high-end stainless steel appliances.
Some of the cost will go to the professionals who do the work, regardless of your budget. Getting the right contractors to do a great job is important no matter your price point.

The good news is a kitchen remodel can add great value to your home both aesthetically and financially. The right kitchen remodeling can increase your home’s value by thousands more than the cost of the renovation itself, so it can be a wise investment.

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