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Is It Possible To Stay In Your House During A House Remodel?

Whether or not you can stay in your home during a renovation, depends upon the contractors and the renovation in question. Unless it is a whole house renovation or construction that could have safety hazards, the majority of the time, yes you can. At NewLook House Remodeling, as remodeling specialists, we evaluate each case at a time. You want to make sure that your home will be as safe and trouble-free as possible. We recommend that before you start your project, interview your prospective contractors about what will happen if you are in the house and what any possible problems they think may arise. If the contractor doesn’t give you a feeling of professionalism, confidence and truthfulness, then don’t hire them.

The professional contractors that you hire, need to treat your home with respect as do the other subcontractors and tradesmen. There should be no reason for any safety issues whilst you’re in the house, if the contractors are professional, skilled and experienced. Anyone stepping foot in your home needs to be respectful, professional and trustworthy.

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